Two tips for people who want to get recliner lift chairs

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Two tips for people who want to get recliner lift chairs

Two tips for people who want to get recliner lift chairs

19 April 2022
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If you'd like to get some recliner lift chairs for your home, here are some tips to follow.

Test out a variety of these chairs at a furniture store

Whilst it's sensible to test out any furniture before purchasing it, it's particularly important to do this when you're shopping for this type of chair. The reason for this is that there is quite a bit of variation between the mechanisms in recliner lift chair models, and you'll probably find it easier to decide which chair's mechanisms are right for you if you try out a few different versions of this chair in a store.

For example, the seats of some recliner lift chairs can be lifted up and lowered a lot faster than others, and you'll only be able to tell which chair's speed levels are most comfortable for you after sitting on a few and using each of their lift-and-lower mechanisms.

If, for instance, the only reason you need this lift mechanism is that you get a bit stiff after sitting for a while, but you're generally quite mobile, you might assume that you'd prefer the recliner chair with the fastest lift mechanism, as you don't need to get up slowly to avoid falling forward. However, after trying out one like this in a store, you might find the sensation of being lifted out of the chair so quickly feels a bit uncomfortable or leaves you feeling unsteady, in which case you might decide to get one whose seat moves a bit more slowly.

Similarly, after trying out a chair's different reclining angles (most chairs like this can be placed in a variety of reclined positions), you might decide that you'd prefer the chair that can be reclined to the point where it's almost flat, rather than one that you only lean back in at a slight angle, as the former will allow you to feel more like you're in a bed when you take naps on it.

Consider moving around some of your other living room furniture

After ordering these chairs, you might need to move around some of the other furniture in your living room. For example, if you have a large coffee table in the centre of your living room and your existing chairs are placed around it, it might be necessary to swap it for a smaller one or put it elsewhere in the room, to ensure there's enough space in front of the new chairs for their protruding footrests when they're in their reclined positions.

Likewise, it might be safer not to have a coffee table a few inches away from one of these chairs when you're using the lift mechanism to get out of it so that you don't bump your knees on the table as you're being guided into a standing position.

For more information on recliner lift chairs, contact a professional near you.

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