How to Make Your Move Easy!

Do you have more books than you're willing to count? Learn about the best furniture pieces, besides shelves, for storing your books.

How to Make Your Move Easy!

How to Make Your Move Easy!

20 August 2019
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Removing furniture and larger personal items from your old home to your new one upstate can be a real issue when you don't have a whole crew of family and friends to help you. Fortunately, with the help of interstate removal services and a few handy hints and tips, you can make the whole move much easier and even save yourself time and money in the process. The trick is to prepare well in advance and use a few household items to make these heavy items of furniture twice as light. These tips will also save you from any painful encounters with trapped nerves and help you to complete the move in record time.

Slip and Slide

Moving heavy furniture with legs can be really difficult, especially on a carpet where friction can risk breaking the joints. Fortunately, plastic camping plates and children's frisbees are smooth and durable, making for a great platform to slide across the carpet smoothly. With the help of your removal company, place the frisbees or plates on the floor and rest the furniture legs on them. You'll find that you'll be able to push the item around without the need to lift it which can save both time and backache. Just make sure the plate or frisbee is perfectly smooth and doesn't have any paint sprayed on that could rub off.

Lay and Drag

If you have a solid wood floor, then pushing furniture is much easier, as long as you don't mind a few scratches and the sound of nails on a chalkboard. To solve this little dilemma and save yourself even more back pain, place a thick duvet or padded rug on the floor. The furniture can sit on top, and you'll be able to drag it around the home with ease. You can even place multiple items on one rug and use it to maximise time and efficiency but moving it all at once.

Use the Space

Lifting heavy drawers and cabinets is hard work with the drawers in them. Instead, take them out and pad them with the clothes you want to take for the move. These drawers will act as spare storage containers and can be placed back in during transit to save space in the truck and removed again when transporting inside. You can also use balls of newspaper to pad the drawers which will save you money instead of purchasing large quantities of bubble wrap. 

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