Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tablecloth for Your Teak Furniture

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tablecloth for Your Teak Furniture

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tablecloth for Your Teak Furniture

14 September 2016
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Are you looking for the perfect tablecloth for your teak table? If so, there are numerous tips that can guide you to the right tablecloth. While there are multiple factors to take into account, here are some tips to consider:

1. Choose an outdoor rated tablecloth to protect unfinished teak.

One of the reasons teak is such a prized wood is because of its innate ability to resist the effects of rain and other outdoor conditions. However, if you have picked up old teak furniture, it may need a bit of attention before it's ready to brave the outdoors on its own. Namely, it may need to be sanded and then printed. To protect your table until you get the chance to nurture it with these steps, consider investing in a water-resistant outdoor tablecloth.

2. Don't use cloth on newly oiled teak.

Teak absorbs oil, and as a result, if you want your teak to really shine, you want to use an oil that has the ability to deeply penetrate. However, just after oiling your teak, it may have a bit of oil on its surface. To ensure this doesn't leave oily stains on your table cloth, don't lay fabric like cotton or polyester directly against a teak table that has just been oiled. Instead, use a water-resistant tablecloth as a protective layer and then put the fabric one on the top.

3. Choose colours to offset the undertones in your teak.

When choosing a tablecloth for a teak table, you should look for colours that bring out the beauty of your teak. For example, highlight the rich brown colour of your teak by choosing green or blue tablecloths. Alternatively, if your teak has a silvery patina, complement it with neutral colours like black or white, or for a flashier look, choose jeweled tones of your favourite colours such as cherry red, emerald green.

4. Play with runners.

Teak is largely considered to be one of the most beautiful woods, especially for furniture. If you want to show off the beautiful wood of your teak table, consider opting for a runner. A runner is a thin tablecloth or long mat that runs across the middle of your table. You can even get padded runners that make it easier to put hot dishes in the middle of your table.

If you want more guidance on choosing a tablecloth for your teak table, click here for info on the subject.


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