Pre-Loved Weber Kettle Barbeques: What To Know Before You Buy

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Pre-Loved Weber Kettle Barbeques: What To Know Before You Buy

Pre-Loved Weber Kettle Barbeques: What To Know Before You Buy

20 May 2016
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When it is time to move out of your parent's home for the first time, chances are you are not going to be flush with cash. This means you are going to be carefully considering your budget while furnishing your home, and one way to stretch the budget even further is to buy used goods. Because Australians love to cook outside when the weather lets them, you cannot go past the purchase of a barbeque for your new home's patio. Weber kettle barbeques are a lovely choice for creating culinary delights, but is there anything in particular that you need to be mindful of before buying a used one? Use this advice to make sure you grab a bargain rather than a bust.

Ask About Age And Use

One of the first questions you want to ask of the seller is the age of the Weber they are selling. If the barbeque is more than 10 years old, you will want to check how much longer the warranty for that particular grill will last. Additionally, ask the seller if they still have the warranty card that came with the barbeque as you will want to take this with you if you buy it.

The age of the barbeque also matters when you ask the seller about how often they used it. A barbeque that is 5 years old but was only used 3-4 times a year has a lot more life left in it than one which is 5 years old and used every weekend.

Rust Damage

The next thing you need to do is visually inspect the barbeque. The inside grills and outside handles can easily be replaced by a Weber barbeque dealer if they are damaged. However, if there is any rust that has eaten through the body of the barbeque, then you should walk away from the sale. The main problem of a rusting barbeque body is the safety issue as it could collapse unexpectedly while cooking. Nobody wants a pile of burning coals landing on the patio of their first home.

If there is no rust and the kettle barbeque seems relatively solid, then it is the perfect investment for your first place. Take it home, give it a wash with some hot, soapy water and then you will be all ready to invite your friends and family over for a weber barbeque feast that will make your mum and dad proud.

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