Two tips to follow if you want to provide your hotel guests with a fabulous night's sleep

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Two tips to follow if you want to provide your hotel guests with a fabulous night's sleep

Two tips to follow if you want to provide your hotel guests with a fabulous night's sleep

27 April 2021
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If you'd like your hotel guests to have the best night's sleep possible, here is the advice you'll need to follow.

Don't rely on the guests to inform you when your commercial mattresses need to be replaced

It's important not to assume that your guests will tell you when your commercial mattresses are wearing out and becoming uncomfortable and to only replace them when this happens. Whilst some guests will gladly express their opinions on the quality of their hotel room's bed, many prefer not to. Some people are shy about complaining, whilst others simply don't want the hassle that can come with making a complaint.

As such, just because no one has said that, for example, your five-year-old mattresses are sagging or have broken springs, doesn't mean that this is not the case. If you want your guests to feel incredibly comfortable, you must evaluate your hotel mattresses (or have your hotel staff do this) regularly.

The staff member who does this after a guest has checked out of a room should lay on the bed to see if it sags in the middle and leaves their spine unsupported and should use their hands to press down on every part of it to check for broken springs. They should also check if it smells musty or is stained (as whilst these won't directly influence how comfortable the mattress is, your guests might not sleep well if they notice any unpleasant odour whilst lying on it or if they know it's stained). If the staff member notices any issues like this in a particular room, they should report them to you, and you should order a new mattress for that room.

Use high-quality mattress protectors on all of your beds

The other secret to giving your guests a fantastic night's sleep is to use high-quality mattress protectors on all of your hotel beds' mattresses. Even if the sheets on each bed are changed daily, the mattress will still end up absorbing some of the skin oils, spilt drinks and sweat that your guests leave on the sheets if the mattress protectors underneath them are thin and threadbare.

Moisture on the mattress could make it mouldy, whilst oils and perspiration could make it malodorous. Sleeping on a mouldy mattress could cause problems for guests who have allergies and might lead to them spending their nights in your hotel wheezing and coughing. Likewise, the odour of stale sweat could make it impossible for guests to sleep well. This is why you must invest in waterproof, thick mattress protectors; when changed daily along with the sheets, they will keep the mattresses free from smells and mould that might affect your guests' ability to enjoy their time sleeping on them.

Contact a commercial mattress supplier near you to get more tips.

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